Raising happy, healthy children ready for success.

Raising happy, healthy children ready for success.

We help build self-reliant families working together to improve their neighborhoods and create opportunities for the next generation.

The mission of the Baby Institute is to increase the literacy and language skills of children ages 0-3 by empowering parents to help their children become Pre-K ready!

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Quick Facts

Reading to and with your baby has a major impact on how their brains develop and helps them build the neural pathways that enable them to learn as they grow

Timing is Everything
It only takes 20 minutes of reading a day to make a difference
Head Start
Ages 0-3 is when our children's brains grow the fastest
Early Reading
Literacy activities will enable even babies to learn when they are older

Saturday Workshops - Winter Parents and Caregivers Workshop Starting in January 2024!

The core 9-week program is offered three times a year and consists of Saturday workshops that empower parents to become their children’s "first teacher" and primary advocate.

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Parent Connection/Food & Fitness Events

These bi-weekly events bring past and present Baby Institute families together to build a supportive network of trusted relationships to help parents problem solve with each other.

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Summer Literacy Program

Encourage your child to read this summer by participating in our program!

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